MSG-Stablehopper superlight-plus


All MSG 2 horse transporters consist of light truck chassis by various manufacturers.

The new motor home chassis from Peugeot has proven especially well with its Euro 6 Peugeot engine, 6 speed manual gearboxes and generous 4m wheelbase.

The particularly economical engine with 160 HP and high torque at low speeds offers - together with the super smoothly shifting and opposite automatic transmission - a truly robust 5-speed transmission and is the ideal base for horse transport. 

The sporty short suspension chassis - straight at full capacity with minimal rolling motion of the body - and a modern, ergonomically designed interior of the cab comes with all the extras In this chassis model by Peugeot. 

High safety reserves are guaranteed by the adapted load index of front and rear axle as well as the standard all-season tires.

Top equipment is also offered in the safety area: Abs, Asr, Esp, airbags for driver and front passenger, lane assistant, starting aid and an especially powerful disc brake system.

In the sport "Light" version, MSG extends the driver's cabin to the rear by 300 mm, creating additional storage space and significantly improved seating comfort, especially for tall people - compared to the standard version of each cabin. The driver's seat can be brought into a lying position. Behind the co-drivers there is a wardrobe and additional storage space.

The chassis used by MSG has an advantageous front wheel drive and a low platform, without disturbing wheel housings and with high torsional stiffness and a low center of gravity.

The setup

The patented and design protected construction impresses by its aerodynamics and a functionality with modern straight lines. Developed by car designers, this includes: Lowest possible diesel consumption and no distracting wind noise and, if necessary, high final speed. 

In all models, MSG uses proven materials such as aluminum and fibre-reinforced plastic. Also, in-house plastic developments are used in the "Superlight" complete side walls, front and rear walls, which are made of a sandwich construction of high-strength but very elastic polypropylene, which is machine-welded with a likewise super-light core material and hardened under pressure and heat. This modern technology originates from the construction of airplanes. The result: Optimizing weight by 70% in comparison to steel or aluminum structure, while ensuring high performance and endurance at the same time. Formation of surface cracks (with GRP) or material corrosion (with aluminum or steel) belong to the past. 

The roof of each MSG Stablehopper consists of elastic composite material with a 30mm foam core for insulation. Also, here is a weight saving of more than 50% compared to conventional sandwich roofs, while simultaneously reducing the fragmentation susceptibility of GRP. 

All construction elements are inserted with permanently elastic adhesive (without screws or rivets) in extruded aluminum/magnesium alloy profiles which are specially developed by MSG. At the same time, these lightweight profiles have significantly improved the stability of the body in combination with the chassis - compared to conventional construction methods. 

Extremely loaded hinges and mounts are made of stainless steel.

All purchased parts, like all construction materials, gas springs, windows, electrical components, etc. are made by German manufacturers.

With the model "Superlight" MSG successes to offer a vehicle which can easily transport 2 heavy horses, 3 persons and luggage without any overload: The performance of up to 1.500 kg load with the "MSG Stablehopper Superlight" is the current ultimate among all 3,5-ton horse transporters. Offered at no extra cost and without loss of comfort. Quality does not translate into high empty weight or traditional materials, instead quality means innovative and advanced lightweight construction.

All components of the MSG Stablehopper series are standardized and immediately available in case of damage. They can be easily and inexpensively replaced by any automobile or vehicle construction company. This allows unconventional and quick repair In case of accidents or other system failures. Any service at the chassis can be handled directly through one of the 1.000 service points throughout Europe.

Each model of the Stablehopper is designed to meet all needs of horses during transports, as well as to ensure easy and safe handling during loading and unloading.
A spacious structure with a 2 meters inside width and stand lengths of up to 2.75 meters is offered in the new stud or stallion version. 

Optional equipment

All models have exactly the same basic construction. The complete interior can be converted to another model at low cost if required. The interiors are equipped for any need: 

The Stablehopper "Professional" with large stainless steel feeder and separated tack room was developed especially for show riders and has been proven well for use also for stallion keepers and breeders, as well as for commercial transport. This version offers a spacious tack room with centered rear door. Saddle and snaffle holder, shelves and a comfortable bed are available here.

The "Professional" version with chest tube (with quick release) and sliding door built into the tack room also allows direct contact with every horse in the head area.

All MSG models have 2 aluminum partitions with quick-release fastener and upholstered PVC curtains with Velcro fastener for quick removal. The stallion partition is continuously latticed in the upper part and reaches without the usually in other cases given unstable folding mechanism to the separation to the tack room. This allows the flap to reach over the ramp over the length of the complete horse stand. This - typical for the quality of MSG - flap also enables a much simpler unloading of horses. Furthermore, horses with open flap are always standing dry as the flap simultaneously functions as a canopy over the ramp and does not allow water to pass even in opened condition.

The ramp itself is easy to open and close, because of the ergonomically produced closures. Here again, screws, rivets or protrusions are not susceptible to corrosion, and there are no sharp-edged pre-locks.

The room for the horses and all inward standing components at maximum Radii offer ergonomic padding to protect the horses. The horses are protected even in extreme driving situations.

Due to special requests from commercial transporters and horse owners with young and difficult horses, MSG has developed a new "stud version". Unlike conventional systems, the MSG stud model is functionally extremely variable in design. Especially difficult horses can stand completely free, without chest stop or connection to the transporter. Each horse has its own access door from the tack room. In an emergency both horses can be unloaded comfortably and quickly through the tailgate. Special flexibility during transport is ensured through the quick release system of the 2 separately attached, additional breast stop tubes. In just a few seconds, these can be remotely unlocked without danger to the operator, e.g. when a horse is climbing over the bar or a rear unloading is unavoidable.

This system makes driving with especially nervous and hard-to-predict horses much safer. For this type of structure the stand length was simultaneously increased to 275 cm (!) to mitigate head injuries in horses.

You cannot get a better result for this small price. The transport of 4 horses is also possible with the 2,5 ton trailer from MSG. The MSG trailer offers exactly the same details as the towing vehicle. The outside appearance also corresponds to the MSG Stablehopper as in 1:1.

After 20 years of experience with modern car wrapping systems, MSG has perfected the foliation of complete vehicles.

The MSG foil offers not only free choice of many beautiful and special colors. The foliation is particularly durable and provides the perfect protection for the lacquering underneath. 

MSG foliation is special coated and super easy to clean. Company advertising can be applied directly to the base foliation with no effort. In case of repair the re-foiling costs less than half of a comparable re-lacquering. An example of the price/performance ratio: Normally a full foliation costs over €4.000. At MSG this is included in the price.