T 1 – T 2 – T 3 „superlight“

The T1-T2-T3 series includes differently equipped tandem axle trailers. Due to the variable total weight and the equally variable equipment, this trailer series covers a wide spectrum of trailers for 2 horses. 

This trailer series was originally developed to fit the MSG Stablehopper. The outer form, as well as the structure in the interior, correspond to the Stablehopper as in 1: 1.

The series is also ideal for use behind all types of trucks starting at 3.5 up to 26 tonners, since the MSG Stablehopper has been designed for maximum stability at the lowest unladen weight. The T1 - T2 - T3 series has unladen weights between 1.190 kg and 1.380 kg. This allows the trailer to be equipped with loads between 1.300 and 2.300 kg, depending on the towing vehicle. 2 very heavy horses and lots of luggage or even 3 ponies can be carried in all variants without a problem. 

A long wheelbase between the two axles and a well-thought-out weight distribution in the empty, as well as in the loaded driving, state let this trailer series run smoothly behind the towing vehicle. 

For the ride behind a Car/SUV there is an aerodynamic set available, which reduces the air resistance and thus the fuel consumption significantly.

T 1 - Technical specs & equipment

Already in the basic configuration, the T1 is a fully equipped trailer for 2 large horses.

  • Length of construction: 5.800 mm (!)
  • Width: 2.050 mm
  • Total height: 3.100 mm

Central horse compartment with 2.000 mm stand length, 2 partitions with stainless steel feeding, ramp and gas pressure lifter, extended upper flap. Saddle room with rear door, saddle/snaffle holder, mirror. Storage with side door, 2 roof windows in the front, 2 side windows, electrical fan, lighting, color. Complete vehicle is white lacquered. Landing gear is completely hot-dip-galvanized. 

Floor sides and partitions are completely made of a polypropylene sandwich, the roof is 30 mm insulated, empty weight: 1.190 kg

T 2 - Technical specs & equipment

Setup the same as T1 with additional equipment:

2 partitions with PVC-curtain, feeder with mounted sliding doors, vehicle completely foiled, anthracite Matt metallic. Rear spoiler carbon, foiled, sub-cover aluminum foil, 2 beds, 1 cabinet in front tack room. Electrical connection outside, fan heater, empty weight: 1.270 Kg. 

T 3 - Technical specs & equipment

Setup the same as T2 with additional equipment:

Vehicle with living space equipment: Folding step, insulated window in the front wall, wall cupboards, bed, plastic floor covering, panels on the walls, folding table

Optional extras

Bed with mattress in the rear tack room, additional folding bed in the living room, shower complete with boiler and water tank, TV/DVD/terrestrial antenna, SAT system, aluminum rims 4 X, canopy left, aerodynamic draw bar (carbon), aerodynamic package 4 parts (carbon), anti-roll coupling, special colors and labeling